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You will learn new skills that will help you easily sell products, services and most importantly sell Yourself to your customers. We are experts in the trade industries and will easily help to teach you these concepts. Bottom line, if you’re not learning and using these skills someone else is and they are the ones who are busy getting the contracts and working every day.

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July 7th, 2021 6:30 PM to 7:30PM PST

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$ 250
6 Months
  • 1 Company Business Listing
  • Support a program built by contractors that does not charge you PER LEAD
  • Business Listing on Map
  • Company Name
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Email
  • Company Website Link
  • Upload Company Logo
  • Upload Profile Cover Photo
  • Customer Reviews
  • FREE Business and Job Referral Opportunities
  • Partners & Benefits Discount Program
  • VERIFIED with optional background check*
  • Referral Based Cashback Program
  • Access to Jobs Board
  • Pro Contractors Logo Badge for your website


$ 350
  • 1 Company Business Listing Submissions
  • Support a program built by contractors that does not charge you PER LEAD
  • For LESS than a dollar a day!
  • Everything in the Standard Plus:
  • Facebook Messenger Contact Button
  • FREE Unlimited Job Postings
  • 1 Work Gallery with 2 Images (Projects Tab)
  • Direct messages between any Member
  • Automatically Display Facebook feed on your listing
  • FREE Video Posts (unlimited)


$ 450
  • 2 Company Business Listing Submissions
  • Support a platform built by contractors that does not charge you PER LEAD
  • Everything in the Standard & Journeyman Plus:
  • Eligible for Quarterly Tool Raffles
  • Eligible for Year End Grand Prize Tool Raffle
  • 2 Work Galleries with 2 Images (Projects Tab)
  • Business Training Videos
  • Link to your Social Media
  • BBB Link - if you have an account
  • Eligible for $50 cash back rebate**

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